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July 19, 2016

Tony sat down with TL Foreman of The Pop Culture Principle to talk about Major Crimes‬, Shandy‬, and what it had been like to play Flynn for 12 years.

Pop Culture Principle – The fourth season of Major Crimes ended with a 5-episode arc. When did the actors find out about how the season was going to end and what were your initial thoughts to this extended episode arc?

Tony Denison – Well, we knew that they were trying to do something different because the episodes came separately. We had originally planned to finish the eighteen episodes that they ordered and then the network said they wanted to do five more. So, when that happened, James Duff, the executive producer, told us that we were getting an order for five more episodes. We all thought that was great and people started making arrangements because it was during the period of time that people had hiatus plans. So everybody was definitely on board and we shot the five episodes

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