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Oct 12, 17   Kate   0 Comment interview

CarterMatt spoke with Tony at the Major Crimes 100 episodes party about the upcoming sixth season, Shandy, and the cancellation of Major Crimes. […] for Sharon and Andy, what’s the wedding going to be like? Is it going to be happy? I can just tell you this about the wedding – when she walks down […]

Oct 09, 17   Kate   0 Comment interview, Major Crimes

Hey Flynngirls, Jill Munroe caught Tony on the red carpet for Major Crimes’ 100 episodes celebration and asked him a few questions for AfterBuzz. He talked about his work on Major Crimes, future plans, and he even shared a small spoiler for the upcoming sixth season of Major Crimes. Check it out!

Apr 27, 17   Kate   0 Comment interview

Tony Denison was a guest on K-EARTH 101 and spoke about Major Crimes, Shandy, FlynnGirls, and his career before Major Crimes. You can watch it here.

Mar 03, 17   Kate   0 Comment interview

FlynnGirls – Tony was at the Night of 100 Stars Oscar Party, and Zoe Hewitt had a brief chat with him about the current season of Major Crimes.  

Feb 22, 17   Kate   0 Comment interview, Major Crimes

FlynnGirls – Tony was on KTLA Morning News today to talk about the upcoming winter premiere of Major Crimes. If you missed it, KTLA uploaded it to their website > HERE

Sep 21, 16   Kate   0 Comment interview

Hi FlynnGirls, Tony took some time on his birthday to reassure his fans that Andy Flynn will be back for the back 8 episodes of season 5. Watch the video of the chat below.

Sep 16, 16   Kate   0 Comment Gallery Updates, interview

Hey FlynnGirls, Most of you surely know that Tony spoke with Ashley Berges again on September 14. We posted the Facebook Live Chat earlier for those of you who want to catch up or watch again. Now we some behind the scenes photos of his visit to our gallery. Check them out! Public Appearances > […]

Sep 15, 16   Kate   0 Comment interview

Tony sat down with Ashley Berges to answer questions about life, acting, Major Crimes, and Shandy. If you missed it or want to watch it again, you can check it out below.

Aug 14, 16   Kate   0 Comment interview

Tony Denison joined Jeremy (J.B.) to talk about Major Crimes, Baseball and other things. Check out the short video!

Aug 10, 16   Kate   0 Comment interview, Major Crimes

We often see their reporters play small parts on the show, and we regularly see members of the Major Crimes cast drop by their studio for an appearance on the KTLA Morning Show. They definitely have a special relationship. Recently, they visited the Major Crimes set for a day to speak to the cast. Check […]